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Planning a wedding ceremony can be a very challenging process with many different and crucial details to consider, we appreciate that one, if not the most important element to decide is cuisine served.

We gain your confidence and support by firmly believing that every wedding and client is unique. Therefore, we offer our clients set menus with varying price points in order to make finalising the menu a quicker and simpler occasion, in addition to offering the customer the opportunity to create a menu in accordance to their specific requirements. 

Our supportive and accomplished team helps you to attain your vision by making this task effortless and memorable.  Our aim is to simplify the process to aid decision-making without compromising on the quality of our products and services.

We are renowned through the Yorkshire region for our wedding catering services and have partnered with many function suites and world famous hotel groups to offer tailored wedding receptions. Team members are always happy to help and want nothing more than to bring your big day to life; contact us to make an appointment for a one-to-one tailored consultation.